Let us lead you and your mates on your next mountain bike adventure in the High Country. We offer a range of tours that we know will offer the best trails, route, scenery, historic references and most importantly FUN!

Our guides are some of the best in the industry, with the relevant Australian qualifications, experience and knowledge. We have a developed and refine tours with structure risk management plan plus covered by applicable public liabilty insurance. 

Locations we love to guide at are Mt Buller, Bright, Falls Creek, Beechworth, You Yangs, Lysterfield Park
Mt Buller and Bright are two fanatasitc locations we use to provide the best experience on a mountai bike.

We can customise a tour to suit your requirements, whether its for pure fun, team building, journey based, skills progression, corporate we have the knowledge and experience to fullfill the best possible outcome.

Half Day Guided Ride 
A guided mountain bike ride of Mt Buller, Bright or surrounding high country sensational mountain bike trails for up to 4 hours.
Students numbers 15 – 24 people.
From $79 per person.

Full Day Guided Ride 
A full day guided mountain bike ride of Mt Buller’s or surrounding high country sensational mountain bike trails then finish with a ride down the most popular Delatite River Trail to the bottom of the mountain. 
Student number 15 – 24 people.
From $95 per person.

Email for more information: shannon@allterraincycles.com.au 

Types of tours:

Green experience
The Green experience is catered for those who are looking for a fun mountain bike experience, you may have a little bit of cycling abilitity or none at all but this tour will give you the confidence to enjoy mountain biking on real trails.

Blue Experience
The Blue experience is catered for those riders looking for a fun mountain bike experience without really having to pull out the map and spend most of the time figuring out which way the trails go. We will guided you on intermediate terrain on the best direction the trails ride and link. 

Black Experience
The Black experience is cater for those riders looking for the extra fun and challenge on thier mountain bike. We will guide you on high intermedaite to advance trails in the best direction ridden and linked.

We guide 1 to 6 rider ratio for a more intermediate and smooth flowing tour experience. 
Tours duration is from 2 hour green tour to a 8 hour EPIC tour depending on tour type, ability level and terrain.

We pride ourselves on 
Highly expierenced and qualified guides,
cCvered by our industry public liability insurance 
Commerical operating permits in Parks Victoria land and with in resorts bike parks.
Risk Managment prcaitices
Leaders in mountain bike education and training